Welcome to Sysbiochem

Sysbiochem is a provider of tools, services and software implementations for life sciences and healthcare. For the past 12 years, Sysbiochem has been a software product development and services provider in life-sciences and healthcare, specifically focused on enabling genomic technologies.

Sysbiochem Mission: Providing analytics tools and platforms for enabling personalized and predictive medicine

Sysbiochem Vision: Providing analytical tools and platforms for data mining, algorithm development, data integration and data analysis using a mix of inputs from the biological, physical, engineering, mathematical and computational sciences.

Our software and services facilitate


Integrating data from siloed information systems using standards based messaging and platforms. These include Clinical, Financial, Administrative, Research, Laboratory including genomics and diagnostic laboratory systems.

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Transmart and I2B2

Building and implementing information systems to enable capture of data from disparate systems, and building data integration and data analytics, mainly focused on open-source tools and systems.

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NextGen Sequencing

Providing actionable insights by building state of the art statistical data analytics tools and algorithms including machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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